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G-MASTER MARINE was established by a group of marine and salvage experts in Singapore,  offering professional Maritime Safety and Environmental Services in the Asia Pacific region.


With the strength of marine and environmental professionals and their expertise in the marittime safety and environmental services, G-MASTER MARINE grew along with its reputation for successful completion of challenging assignments. G-MASTER MARINE quickely expended into China Market and subsequently the entire Asia Pacific region. G-MASTER MARINE recognizes the imortance of SAFETY, TEAMWORK and value of PROFESSIONALISM in todays' maritime and environmental services industry.  There is a need for maritime safety and environmental services provider to be qualified to meet the International Standards and Requirements,  especially, after the full implemetation of OPA90 requirements in the United States and  Ship Oil Pollution Pvevention Regulations in China.


With the rapid development in G-MASTER MARINE's global emergency response service network, G-MASTER MARINE is able to provide CHINA SPRO coverage and USA OPA90 coverage for all vessels trading in P.R.C and U.S. waters. As a Value Added service, G-MASTER MARINE is offering free online consultancy services on CHINA SPRO and USA OPA90 requirements.


As a leading spclialist service provider in the marine services industry, G-MASTER MARINE require well-trained marine experts. To meet G-MASTER MARINE's own needs and the needs of the maritime industry, G-MASTER MARINE tailored a set of comprehensive tarinning program to G-MASTER MARINE employees, parteners, as well as G-MASTER MARINE clients.


G-MASTER MARINE  is also developing a global sevice network as the business grows, the GLOBAL MARINE ALLIANCE which consists of marine consultants, salvage companies, oil spill response organizations and maritime law firms accross the globe. The GLOBAL MARINE ALLIANCE is a non-profit organization which provides mutual assistance to memembers in Safety Curlture Development, Branding, Market developments, Trainning, Sharing of Information and Profesionalism Recognition.


Today, G-MASTER MARINE maintains operations in China, Singapore,  and other countries in the Asia Pacific region. G-MASTER MARINE continues to expand global service network to worldwide locations along with its reputation being quickly recognized by the Marine, Shipping and Marine Insurance industry.


G-MASTER MARINE, proud to be able to provide "SPECLIALIST" and "ONE-STOP SHOP"  Maritime Safety and Environmental Services.